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Communi-k, Inc. is a 100 percent woman-owned and operated Virginia corporation, currently in its 22nd year of creating and implementing innovative and successful marketing and communications programs and events for its clients. The company was founded in 1987 by President Laura Kregel Nickle to provide clients with a wide range of creative, consistent and value-oriented marketing services. Prior to that time, Laura worked in public affairs for the National Association of Home Builders and for two other public relations firms, Vickerman & Schultz and Ives & Associates.

Since 1987, the firm's client base has expanded from its initial real estate focus to include: transportation clients; environmental firms; health and fitness professionals & clubs; mortgage bankers & financial service firms; restaurants, public/private partnerships; local and federal government agencies; law firms; travel companies; a bottled water distributor; technology manufacturers; and clients involved in various aspects of landscape design, installation and maintenance. While most of Communi-k's clients are based in the Mid-Atlantic region, Communi-k has also served national and international clients. Laura managed the ten largest annual meetings and awards luncheons ever for the Housing Association of Nonprofit Developers (HAND). The firm also managed the National Inclusionary Housing Conference in Washington DC in 2005, the 75th Anniversary Housing Policy Summit of the National Housing Conference in Chicago in 2006 and the National Inclusionary Housig Conference in San Francsico in 2007.

Communi-k's programs are always objective-based and results-oriented. The firm's staff takes great pride in their ability to effectively enhance reputations, alleviate controversy and build coalition and community support, articulate issues, create positive impressions of their clients and contribute wherever possible to the quality of life within the community. Communi-k has become widely respected among local and national business executives and media; all of the firm's clients have been referred by others.

The fact that most of Communi-k's clients have been clients of the firm for many years stems from the consistent delivery of high quality, attentive service. The firm's staff is motivated by pride in their work and in the firm's reputation, and by the satisfaction of consistently developing and implementing precisely what's needed to achieve their clients' goals. As any Communi-k client will be happy to report, the Communi-k team will always go the extra mile -- and often even farther -- to ensure excellence and success.


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